top kombucha mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes Kombucha Brewers Make

top 10 mistakes kombucha brewers make Hi! Steve here – the founder of During this article, I am going to share the top 10 mistakes kombucha brewers make when brewing kombucha… many of which I have made myself! Most importantly, I will shed some advice on how to fix these errors. But always remember: mistakes aren’t bad! They’re how … Read More

Equipment To Make Your Own Kombucha

Equipment To Make Your Own Kombucha You may be considering brewing kombucha at home, but aren’t sure what equipment you need.Thankfully, the list for making kombucha supplies isn’t high-tech. In fact, it’s quite simple and only requires a few things. We put this list together to make getting started brewing that much easier. Here is the equipment you need to … Read More

how to carbonate kombucha

How to Carbonate Kombucha

How To Carbonate Kombucha While kombucha can be served fizzy or flat, many people prefer to drink it with some carbonation. This quick guide will teach you how to carbonate kombucha and troubleshoot any reasons why you aren’t getting the results you desire! To add more bubbles, home brewers generally use a second fermentation (F2) in a sealed, airtight container. … Read More

first fermentation - how to make kombucha

How to Make Kombucha (Part 1 of 3) – First Fermentation F1

How to Make Kombucha First Fermentation (F1) – Part 1 Of 3 Are you ready to brew your first batch of kombucha? Get started here with our first part of the guide: How to make kombucha first fermentation (F1). We created this quick-start guide to help you get brewing some booch as fast as possible. This guide is broken up … Read More

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How to Make Kombucha (Part 2 of 3) – When is Kombucha Ready to Bottle?

When Is Kombucha Ready To Bottle – How to Make Kombucha – Part 2 of 3 You recently started your first fermentation (F1) and you are already anxious for your batch to be ready!You probably have the following question: When is kombucha ready to bottle? This guide will walk you through how to tell when it’s ready for the second … Read More